I have an emergency!!!

Working at an animal hospital, you get emergency situations from time to time. Sometimes they’re big emergencies (hit by car, fights, severe chocolate toxicity), sometimes not so much (torn nail, ruptured cyst, ear hematoma). Big emergencies are are obviously much more serious then the little emergencies, but that doesn’t make the little emergencies any less stressful to the pet owner. Especially when you have blood gushing from your pets foot or the ear is swollen three times it’s normal size.

A few Saturdays ago, we had one of those not really an emergency type of emergencies. There was only one teeny tiny little complication with this one.

The pet belonged to my grandmother, who is, how shall I put this…not the most patient person in the world (Keep in mind I love my grandmother dearly, but seriously- patience is not her thing. At all).

I was in the middle of a technician appointment, and just as I finished one of the receptionists came into the room to talk to me. She pulled me aside and said my grandparents had just walked in with their papillion, and were really upset because she wasn’t using her leg. I walked up front, talkedĀ  to my grandmother and looked at their dog, who indeed was not using her leg, but otherwise was acting perfectly fine. I told them to sit tight a few minutes while I set up my technician appointment with a reception and go find the doctor.

I was in the prep room for not even 5 minutes when I hear a page overhead requesting that a technician put my grandparents into a room. Of course I’m wondering what the heck? I just told them to sit tight!! Of course I should have known better, seeing as it was my grandmother we were talking about. By the time I walked up front they were already in a room, with the doctor I was trying to find. I went in to help the doctor and find out what was going on.

Turns out she has a torn ACL (anterior cruciate ligament), which is to be expected since she’s fat and likes to run up and down the stairs, and jump on and off the bed and the couch. They’re convinced it happened when she was rough housing with my uncle’s dogs, which is entirely possible. But her being grossly overweight certainly did not help. We gave her pain medications, told them to rest her and recommended they meet with an orthopedic surgeon.

I come to find out later, that the reason my grandparents were seen so quickly, was because my grandmother is a stubborn pain in the ass. As soon as I walked away, the doctor walked out of one of the exam rooms. My grandmother saw him, walked over and grabbed his arm, and said, “Doctor, I have an emergency!!”. So, the doctor (who knew she was my grandmother), had her put into a room, and saw her even though he had 2 other appointments waiting.

Luckily, no one minded my grandmother’s antics- they actually thought it was hysterical. And since it was a pretty easy diagnosis, the other clients were not kept waiting too long. But now I know better- never, EVER leave my grandparents alone in the waiting room!!


Oh, your pregnant? Might as well quit your job now

Ok, the subject line is a bit of a stretch- I have been perfectly capable of working my job with a few minor adjustments. I can no longer take x-rays, I can’t handle pets who are suspected to have a communicable disease (such as rabies or bartonella), and I can’t clean cat boxes or handle cat feces (totally not complaining about that). But, a few days ago I felt completely incapable of completely my job due to the little parasite growing in my belly.

A client came in to have her dogs anal glands expressed. I knew already that the smell would get to me, but I had been doing better so I took the pet to expressed the glands.

Yeah, about that…lets just say that was a really, really bad idea.

The glands were extremely infected, as soon as I started to express one side it looked as if pure blood started to pour out of the dogs rectum. The smell was so horrific I immediately started to dry heave.

My coworker who was restraining the dog, started to freak out. Apparently human vomit really grosses her out (not that I blame her- there’s a reason why many of us decided to nurse animals instead of people). She reached behind her, grabbed a trash can and proceeded to throw it at me, saying,

“oh god, no! Don’t vomit! If you vomit I’m going to vomit, don’t do it!!!”

I was not done expressing the glands, but there was no way I was going to be able to finish. I cleaned up the dos rear end, took off my gloves and ran, yelling multiple apologies to my coworker for leaving her with the god awful smell.

As soon as I got some fresh air I was fine, so I went back inside, spoke to the owner and had a doctor take over since obviously, this was no longer a technician appointment.

I know it’s not entirely my fault, but it’s situations like this that make me really feel like I can’t do my job. They are few and far between at the moment, but I know that it’s only going to get worse. As my belly grows I’m going to be limited in what I can lift, what size pet I can restrain, and how long I can be on my feet. In the end I know it will be worth it- but right now I’m find it really, REALLY hard to think that way!!

So to any of my pregnant readers- how has being pregnant affected your ability to work?

It’s been awhile hasn’t it?

Yes, Yes it has!

Hello everyone, I am back from the dead!

I have an excuse for being gone for so long, and it is a very good one, I swear.

I didn’t get lazy
Or writers block
Or bored with this blog

Oh no, I was a busy, busy soul since the last time I wrote.

You want to know what I was doing?

OK, I’ll tell you.

I was doing this


The Worlds Most Uncooperative Dogs

Yep, that’s me in a pretty white dress, with my adorable husband and our wonderful friends and beautiful dogs!

When you’re planning a wedding from the ground up in the backyard of a firehouse, you tend to put other things on the back burner, and this blog was one of the items subjected to wedding-itis.


The Tent- Where The Ceremony And The Reception Took Place

Oh, and the husband and I went on a cruise to Quebec City, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland for the 10 days after the wedding.

Halifax, Nova Scotia

The hubby and I are now obsessed with Halifax, Nova Scotia, and are determined to return there at some point in our lives.

Then, no less then 2 weeks later, this happened.

Funtownn Pier Rollercoaster in Seaside Heights, NJ

I will be posting my Hurricane Sandy experience soon since I had to evacuate 5 dogs, 3 cats and 2 rabbits. Which let me just say off the bat, so NOT fun. Especially when you have a small 2 door car, meaning multiple trips to evac said pets.

And last, but certainly not least, the day before Sandy hit my husband and I got our own little surprise.


Yes, that’s right- among the dogs, the cats and the rabbits, there’s going to be a little 2 legged nugglet come this July. The timing is a little off to say the least since we still live with my parents, but hey- things happen.

So, now that life has somewhat calmed down, I will be trying to post a little more regularly. We’ll see how regular that will be, since life is only going to get crazier from here on out!

My addiction- and why I’m kicking it to the curb.

I love fast food.

There, I said it.

It’s really a horrid thing to like- its greasy, artery clogging, and in general just plain bad for you. But it’s so damn tasty, and after a 12 hour shift, who feels like cooking? Not I, that’s who! But the worst part I find (other than the fact that it’s really, really bad for me), is the packaging that comes with the food.

Lets take my trip to Sonic this past weekend for example, which consisted of a burger, tater tots, and a coke. (SIDE NOTE: of course, I didn’t think of this post until AFTER my meal was eaten and the trash disposed of, so I have no photos of the offending packaging. I was considering Googling some images, however I didn’t feel like worrying about copyright infringement and what have you. Sorry. I’ll try better next time. And now back to your regularly scheduled programming…)

The whole package came in a paper bag, which I’m totally cool with because at least that will break down pretty easily.

The tots came in a cardboard/paper like container, which is mildly inoffensive.

The burger, however, was double wrapped, both items not biodegradable in any way. The burger itself was wrapped in what looks like wax paper, and then that was wrapped in tin foil paper (I’m assuming for insulation purposes). I can understand one wrapper, otherwise it would be a horrid mess, but two? Completely unnecessary.

Then, the drink. The drink is the worst offender of all- a Styrofoam cup with a plastic lid and plastic straw, served with a peppermint candy wrapped in plastic on top. Seriously? Styrofoam? That is probably one of the most unbiodegradable product ever, why can’t they use paper cups like other fast food companies do? At least those will breakdown eventually, however this Styrofoam cup I’m drinking out of will be probably be around long after I die. I know that other companies (i.e., Dunkin Donuts) use Styrofoam for insulation purposes, which at least makes sense. That doesn’t make it right, but it makes sense. However, my drink from sonic was a COLD drink- why exactly do you need to insulate a cold drink?

On top of all of that, I was also given sauces that I said when I ordered I didn’t want (more plastic containers wasted), and about 30 napkins. Yes, you heard right- 30 NAPKINS!! Do I look like that much of a slob that I would use 30 napkins on such a small meal? I used one. Out of 30 (and yes, I counted. I lost count because I got distracted after 20, but I know there was more than 20 so I’m guessing there was about 30 there. Either way, unacceptable).

As much as I love the greasy yummy goodness that is Sonic, I love the planet that houses my body more and I don’t like the thought of putting more and more unbiodegradable products out to the curb. Over the last few months, I’ve been making more environmentally friendly choices, and my next choice is going to be cutting out all fast food. Which basically means cutting out Sonic, because that’s the only fast food place I’ve been going to lately. Not only is it better for the environment, but I know in the long run it will be better for me. So sorry Sonic- due to your environmentally unfriendly choices, you have lost a customer. Shame on you and your Styrofoam. Shame, shame, shame.

How many of you have stopped (or at least, limited), your fast food consumption? What what we’re your reasoning’s for quitting? Health, environment, ethics? Something else? I’d love to hear what you have to say!

Would you like that in liquid form?

Last week, we had a pet come up positive for Lyme disease. Which is not an uncommon thing mind you- the area I live in us number 2 for Lyme in the country. And this was a pocket pet type dog that was not vaccinated for lyme and as not on any tick preventative. The doctor asked me to call the client to see if we can run additional blood work and a urinalysis, but she warned me the client was a bit “cooky”.

I called the client, and after she freaked out about her dog having Lyme disease, she calmed down enough to ok the blood work. Since we had enough blood on hand from the Lyme test we had run in house I didn’t need her to bring the pet back, but I did need her to bring a urine sample. She said ok, she would bring the sample as soon as she can, but then she asked-

“the urine sample- would you like that in liquid form?”

I said, “…..yes, that would be fine. Thanks….”

I hung up the phone and was pretty speechless for about a minute, and then burst out laughing. My coworkers thought I was nuts, until I told them what had just happened. Really? Seriously? It’s urine, what other form do you think it comes in, steam? Although one of my doctors said that she could freeze it and than it would be a solid. But why would you think to do that? When you go to get lab work done and your doctor requests a urine sample, you’re not told to freeze it. Where the heck would anyone come up with that idea? The day someone brings me a urine sample in something other than liquid form is the day the world comes to an end.

Have you ever been asked a question that came so far out of left field that it made you wonder what the heck planet they came from? Feel free to leave a comment with your story!

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